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Describe your character’s eyes, for example, eye shading, thick or flimsy eyelashes, and eyebrows subtleties

Skin Appearance: Describe your character skin, for example, skin shading, is it tanned or pale? Do they have unpleasant skin or smooth skin like the vast majority of the anime characters?

Tallness: Give insights regarding your character stature. It is basic supposing that your character is short, everything will show up exceptionally huge and threatening.

Weight: It is additionally significant in light of the fact that it can change your character’s speed and characteristic quality.

Body Structure: Your character’s body structure will influence their general development and appearance. Greater size characters will show up additionally scary.

Favored Weapon Choice: Select your character weapon decision and depict what does your character appreciates battling with. You can pick between weapons, sickles, or clench hands.

In the event that you select a weapon choice, include the weapon name, its portrayal and capacities, sturdiness, and weight. These subtleties will add to its adequacy

Tattoos: Describe if your character has a conspicuous tattoo, for example, a blessed messenger wings tattoo, a mythical beast tattoo, or a tear under the eye. Tattoos will add a specific flavor to your character that will recognize them from others. 

An OC format is very significant and will assist you with building your story. It characterizes the properties, highlights, and qualities of your characters.

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